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Hello everyone! I am glad to welcome you to our new Internet project – VoronFab.com. We are open now, although we remain “under construction” to some extent, but this does not mean that you do not know anything about us.

I’m Nikolay also known in the web as “voronartcom” or “voronart”. A long time the main direction of our activity was a digital sculpting of animals, humans including portraits, jewelry design. You can see the results of our work and our successes at VoronArt.com.

Below you can also look at several publications from various sources and Internet resources that you can find on the web. Articles about our work as part of our activity under the name Voronart.com. Mostly it was modeling of jewelry.


2015. Pixologic blog post (makers of Zbrush – the best digital sculpting software). About our teamwork with the jeweler. Where digital sculpture of the angry bear was used for jewelry creation.

pixologic nikolau vorobyev jewelry design voronart.com


2017. This is a short interview for Shapeways Designer Spolight. Shapeways is the largest provider of online 3d printing service. We have been using their services for a long time

Shapeways designer spotlight nikolay vorobyov voronart.com

Third dimensions magazine

2017. Between Toolkraft and Formlabs. Online magazine from Germany, dedicated to the development of 3d technologies, including 3D printing, posted this short article about us

Heavy metal in arts nikolay vorobyev voronart.com

Our Jewelry online shop

Our online shop of jewelry by Shapeways. There you can watch our animalistic jewelry collection (necklaces, rings) and place your order as well.

animalistic jewelry collection by nikolay vorobyev voronart.com

Our Digital 3d modles online store

Here is Turbosquid online store of our digital designs available for sale. The vast majority of our 3d models certified as «CheckMate Lite».

Turbosquid online store. 3d printable sculptures by nikolay vorobyev voronart.com

And what next?

But we always wanted to realize our old dream, independent production of our digital projects in material in fairly large sizes. And we managed to do what we planned.

During the last year, we made enough effort to study the possibility of products making based on our oun digital designs. Now this is the second important direction for us at the moment – the production of our digital sculptures as tangible objects, that you can take in hand, decorate your home. And we achieved some results.

Please take a look at the Products site section:

This is what we have been striving for several years, but the most interesting is that we are just at the beginning of the journey.

Let’s go together!

voronfab.com products. Animal sculptures, wall mounted faux taxidermy

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