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Small Wild Boar head sculpture, faux taxidermy

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Now you can decorate your room with this beautifull animal sculpture. This model was sculpted based on photographs of a Wild boar. Boar head is equipped with screw hole on the back for mounting the model on the wall. Hand painted using Acrylic paints. Faux antique bronze or copper obtained using high quality metallic acrylic paints. Our products are covered with UV resistant varnish. The first three photos show custom painting (gray head with orange eyes and fangs) The sculpture can be equipped with an oval base plaque, select the suitable option when placing the order

Wild boar is considered one of the most formidable and dangerous forest dwellers from Europe to India and China. The length of the animal is up to 2 m and the weight is up to 200 kg. Meeting with a wild boar in its natural habitat may be very dangerous for a hunter or a tourist.
  • Physical size: 18cm tall, 12.5cm width, 18cm depth.
  • Weight: ~300 g.
  • Material: Urethane resin (strong and durable).
  • Color: Just select one of options.

Finally, you can purchase the “Unpainted” sculpture with minimal manual handling to color them yourself, it will be much cheaper. Contact Us if you have any question.

Thank you for preferring our product. Choosing us, You choose products made by our artists with love, care and attention to detail.

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My bison head arrived today and I am delighted, I have been looking for such a long time for something like this and now I am very happy, and in time for my birthday as well
George, UK
Good morning Nikolay. The boar head I ordered has just arrived. It looks amazing. Thank you very much, I am very pleased with it. Yours sincerely
Lars, Sweden
Hiya Nikolay, picked the package up today, the head is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much for getting it here so quickly.
Terry, UK
I picked it up this morning from post office just in time, my restaurant opens Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️ I love it! It fits perfectly where I wanted in over the bar. I’ll send pics soon! My restaurant is HogsHead Cafe in Richmond VA USA. If you create any other Hog/Boar items, please let me know.
Kim, USA
It finally came Nikolay. Thank you ever so much for working with me. It looks great. It looks so good I’m not sure I can leave it outside now. 😉
Nicholas, USA
The Boar's Head arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. Thank you.
Diana, USA
What a beautiful piece! Better than pictured! Worth every penny!
Daniel, USA
BARDENWINES.COM: "The boar arrived safely and is on display in our Barden tasting room"
The package arrived today! Thank you so much, it’s perfect. The pictures don’t do it justice. And thank you for the wolf. It’s awsome. 
Mike, USA
The large bronze Wild Boar head look great. Just as expected.
Antony, UK
Fantastic piece! Exceptionally sculpted and finished. Also shipped in a timely manner and included a nice extra. ❤️
Tyree, USA
Absolutely in love with this piece! Nikolay is super professional and responsive. I'm from the USA so it took a while for this to be delivered but I was in no rush to get it. Well worth the wait! Might buy another in the future!
Zach, USA
Large bronze boar head looks great! Much appreciated for your workmanship and product!
Patrick, USA
Thank you so much again for the bear skull and bear plaque gifts 🙂 The boar head is bigger than I thought! Everything looks amazing, thank you for the beautiful art!
Erica, USA
Beautiful piece looks exactly like bronze even from very close. Cool little resin boars, high quality and very well packaged. Nikolay has been very courteous and informative during the manufacturing process (bought two for outdoor use)
Stefan, Sweden
I have received the package and both the wolf and bear skull look amazing! Thanks a lot for the great product and also for the great service.
Meinte, Netherlands
I received my sculpture yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much !
Natascha, Canada
Yes, received today my large wild boars, thanks. The size is great. I like the bigger size.
Craig, Australia
Yes, the box arrived this week. Great thanks! Pleasure doing business with you!
Georgia, UK