Angry Grizzly Bear Animal Head Wall Light Sculpture

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Hey! For a long time we have been working on the creation of the Angry Bear (Grizzly) wall sculpture. Our wall sculpture of a Brown Bear demonstrates the emotion of a wild beast when it resists the enemy, protects a family or territory from unexpected threat and may be a wonderful decoration for the interior and a gift to both a hunter and a nature or wildlife lover.

Pay attention to the fine details of the sculpture - a ferocious eyes, wide open mouth, teeth, tongue, and detailed fur of the wild beast. In addition, the sculpture is quite large. It will certainly adorn your home, office, restaurant, bar or other public place. The sculptor brilliantly managed to convey the emotion of a wild animal that it seems like a little bit more and the bear will jump out of the wall.
  • Physical size: 45cm height, 35cm width, 35cm depth.
  • Weight: ~2 kg.
  • Material: Urethane resin (sculpture), metal (lamp base)
  • Color: white.
This is a great solution for your home or public place decoration - in daylight our bear head is an amazingly detailed sculpture of a wild animal, and in the darkness it turns into a beautiful night light.
Nikolay (sculptor): "When I just tried to look at the light through the first copy of the bear , I thought - this is something incredible! This effect definitely needs to be used." Take a look at video review:

Please remember! The sculpture is made of plastic. Do not use high-temperature light sources (eg. incandescent lamps)! Do not allow the sculpture overheating! Use low power LED lamp, LED lamps emit a small amount of heat. We tested this night-light with 5 Watt LED bulb, a lamp of similar power does not heat the sculpture. Do not use high power bulb!

Available option means that you get only a Bear Head Sculpture (white color) without any electric parts. You can use it if you need to decorate existing wall light, jus cover it with our Bear Head Sculpture so the light shines through it. Or use it as a white wall sculpture.

And also remember, this is a product made by hand. Every single copy may have slight differences from the rest. Usually, we provide product photo before shipment.

Thank you!
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The Boar’s Head arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. Thank you.

Diana, USA

What a beautiful piece! Better than pictured! Worth every penny!

Daniel, USA

BARDENWINES.COM: “The boar arrived safely and is on display in our Barden tasting room”


The package arrived today! Thank you so much, it’s perfect. The pictures don’t do it justice. And thank you for the wolf. It’s awsome. 

Mike, USA

The large bronze Wild Boar head look great. Just as expected.

Antony, UK

Fantastic piece! Exceptionally sculpted and finished. Also shipped in a timely manner and included a nice extra. ❤️

Tyree, USA

Absolutely in love with this piece! Nikolay is super professional and responsive. I’m from the USA so it took a while for this to be delivered but I was in no rush to get it. Well worth the wait! Might buy another in the future!

Zach, USA

Large bronze boar head looks great! Much appreciated for your workmanship and product!

Patrick, USA

Thank you so much again for the bear skull and bear plaque gifts 🙂 The boar head is bigger than I thought! Everything looks amazing, thank you for the beautiful art!

Erica, USA

Beautiful piece looks exactly like bronze even from very close. Cool little resin boars, high quality and very well packaged. Nikolay has been very courteous and informative during the manufacturing process (bought two for outdoor use)

Stefan, Sweden
I have received the package and both the wolf and bear skull look amazing! Thanks a lot for the great product and also for the great service.
Meinte, Netherlands

I received my sculpture yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much !

Natascha, Canada

Yes, received today my large wild boars, thanks. The size is great. I like the bigger size.

Craig, Australia

Yes, the box arrived this week. Great thanks! Pleasure doing business with you!

Georgia, UK